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Fred Ruggles  FSCP

A high school graduate from the great state of Texas in 1984, Fred went on to serve 9 years in the US Air Force as an air traffic controller. In 1988, he arrived in Louisiana and realized that he loved a Louisiana girl more than he loved the air force.  After closing England AFB down in 1992, Fred spent the next 22 years in the Auto Industry.  During that time, he had three wonderful children, Grayson, Caroline, and Myer. All 4 years apart, they have all been priorities in Fred and his beautiful wife, Ashley's lives since they were born.  Ashley has been Fred's biggest fan, and supporter for 29 years. Fred has had the honor of winning 5 World Series in youth baseball & girls fast pitch softball. He absolutely loves the city and state that he lives in, and considers the United States of America the greatest country on this earth.  He attends Journey Church in Pineville, and enjoys the fellowship of his fellow brothers and sisters. Fred takes his roll as an insurance agent very seriously, as the passion and desire to help others keeps a fire inside of him daily.

Fred has just over 4 years as an captive agent with Louisiana Farm Bureau, being the #1 producer in homes, autos, new Members, and life insurance 3 out of 4 years. He has also finished in the top 3 life producers in the country the same 3 years. Fred has been led to establish an agency that can offer not only your basic insurance need, but also any other that you can think of.  We provide avenues, that for years, we had to send my clients to another agent.  Our goal is to handle and place any insurance you might need ,and have one person and one agency that takes care of everything.


Grayson Ruggles


A 2012 High School Graduate of Holy Savior Menard High School.  Grayson continued his education  at Louisiana  Tech in Ruston Louisiana and followed up  at Louisiana State University at Alexandria.   His passion has been helping others,, fitness has become  an important part of his life, This has brought out his desire to build relationship by helping others achieve their goal.  He has taken the next step in this chapter of his life after  successfully passing the civil service test with flying colors he is currently applying to be a Fireman in the Pineville Fire Department.  He recently passed his health & Life insurance test and currently finishing up his Property & Casualty.  Graysons desire to help others shows in all these professions.    We are super excited to bring a fresh, young, energetice professional to help our clients here at Trinity.  Call Grayson today for a quote.




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