Louisiana Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Flooding can happen in a split-second. All it takes is one burst pipe or one major storm or even one fire and then, the next thing you know, your home is flooded. Flooding causes all kinds of damage to your property. That is why you need to look into flood insurance. If you live in Louisiana and own your home, now is the time to contact Trinity Insurance to discuss possible flood insurance coverage options.

Flooding Can Happen Throughout The Year

When you think of flooding you might think of a major storm where inches upon inches of waterfalls. While this can lead to major flooding there are other possible issues that can lead to flooding. If snow accumulates around your property and then melts quickly it can over saturate your property and pool into your basement. A burst pipe can also lead to flooding. In some cases, a fire in the house can cause flooding due to the fire department's use of water. Whatever the cause, you need to protect your home.

Beyond Flooding Damage

Exposure to water can cause varying forms of damage. It is more than just the water but the need to replace what it soaks into. Failure to do so can lead to mold and other health problems.

You Need To Invest In Flood Insurance

Flood insurance typically is not part of your basic homeowner's insurance. However, flooding can happen at a moment's notice. One big storm may flood your basement. Even heavy snow may eventually melt and flood into your home. Sometimes flooding isn't from a storm but from a fire. The fire department will put out the fire, and in some instances, the water used to put out the fire can actually cause more damage than the flames. Whatever the cause, when you live in Louisiana you will want to talk with the team at Trinity Insurance about possible flood insurance options.

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