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Proudly serving the residents of Louisiana, our team at Trinity Insurance offers a variety of insurance options to keep our clients protected in the event of an accident or tragedy. Below are the policies that can be found with our agents.


Do you own a home in Louisiana? If so, get a home insurance policy that comes equipped with more than liability, but also property and comprehensive coverage for well-rounded protection.


Having liability auto insurance is required for any vehicles in Louisiana. Our policies can also include additional components for full-coverage protection.


If your Louisiana business includes the use of an automobile, commercial auto insurance is required, as well as worker's compensation coverage. We also offer a number of protections and coverages that could benefit your business based upon services and payroll protection in the event of an accident.


Plan ahead for your loved ones with life insurance. This policy is designed to help your family members tend to your affairs and outstanding debts after you have passed.


Any damage caused by flash flooding or hurricane damage is not covered under a standard home, commercial or auto insurance policy. If you own property or a business in Louisiana, you should consider the benefits offered by this supplemental policy.


Many residents own some form of boat or watercraft that they take advantage of throughout the year. Boating season never really ends in Louisiana, and with so many residents owning one and taking on the open water, having protection in the event of an accident is essential for many of our clients.


Whether you are taking advantage of the gas mileage or the freedom of the open road, protect your motorcycle investment and get collision coverage with motorcycle insurance.

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