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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Choose a Louisiana life insurance company that provides your loved ones with a way to pay off debt and handle living expenses after you're gone. Learn how to use a life insurance policy to pay for weddings, college education or other priorities for those who depend on you. At Trinity Insurance, qualified agents help our clients choose the life policy that fits their needs.

What Is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance protects your survivors in the event of your death. This flexible policy lets those insured increase or decreases their coverage according to changing needs. When your children are young, they are totally dependent on you. As they grow up, you don't need as much coverage because they graduate and begin to support themselves. This typically brings lower premiums.

Universal life insurance comes in handy when you are planning your estate. Policyholders use it to provide long-term income. That's because, besides the death benefit, your universal policy also builds up a cash value over time.

Term Life Insurance

Those who choose a term life insurance plan are concerned with covering their beneficiaries for a set amount of time. In return for a monthly premium, you gain peace of mind in knowing that your family will be taken care of if you die unexpectedly. Typically, term life insurance is held for a certain amount of time, then dropped after dependents hit certain milestones, such as graduating from high school or college.

Term life also includes a death benefit to cover your burial costs.

If you still have questions regarding the policies available or need help choosing one to fit your circumstance, Contact Trinity Insurance in Louisiana today. We'll be happy to answer your questions and set up an appointment to discuss all your insurance needs.

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